Are you considering emigrating to the United States?

Psychological assistance for migrants

If you have recently arrived and would like to adapt, we can help you!


This program will allow you to have a successful transition.

WELLcome América

In our Psychological Assistance Program for Migrants, we offer psychological guidance and practical tools to make your transition as smooth and successful as possible.
We will help you adapt to your new environment, manage cultural and emotional stress, and build a meaningful life in your new home.

Whether you are facing cultural adjustment challenges, navigating the education or employment system, or simply seeking emotional support, our program is here to provide you with the support you need.


The program consists of two Workshops of three hours each.

Our activities are highly interactive and practical, allowing you
to apply the concepts learned immediately.

By completing both workshops, you will have the opportunity to join our strengthening
groups of change to continue your journey toward personal growth and fulfillment.


Immigration to the United States is a journey that transforms the life of the individual.

It starts with excitement and hope, but then faces culture shock and homesickness. Over time, the immigrant adapts to the new environment, creating new relationships and seeking financial stability.

Nostalgia for the country of origin persists, but many immigrants forge a dual identity.

Overcoming challenges and achieving goals generates a deep sense of achievement and pride. Community and resources are key to facing difficulties and facilitating adaptation to new life.

It is an emotionally complex experience that involves adaptation, nostalgia, resilience and overcoming.

Join us in the WELLcome America Program and start your journey
towards a more fulfilling, conscious and empowered life.

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